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Development of human brain coupled with development of society and religion has broadly categorized human behaviors and acts as acceptable and unacceptable. Many unacceptable behaviors and practices such as gambling and stealing, though considered immoral, may not necessarily be taboos. For something to be considered taboo, it has to generate strong social disgust and abhorrence.
Published by DeviPriya Maharana 64 months ago in Popular Culture | +12 votes | 5 comments
A kitchen garden is a dream that many of us cherish, however few actually follow. Apart from being a healthy and pleasant activity, a kitchen garden can also provide you with fresh vegetables and fruits. Several factors hinder and discourage the setting up of a kitchen garden. This article discusses the several factors one needs to consider before setting a kitchen garden.
Published by DeviPriya Maharana 64 months ago in Vegetable Gardening | +8 votes | 1 comments
For years, Jewish cuisine has been influenced by geography, economics, Jewish dietary laws (kashrut) and Jewish religious festivals. Not surprisingly, many dishes popular amongst Jews have non-Jewish origin. Examples include hummus, baba ghanoush, falafel, tabbouleh and stuffed vine leaves. This article, however, lists some of the popular traditional Jewish dishes.
Published by DeviPriya Maharana 64 months ago in Food & Nutrition | +4 votes | 0 comments
Plants are the major source of food for human beings worldwide. However, plants are also known to produce some of the most potent poisons found in nature. Often commonly eaten plants contain toxins which may prove fatal if consumed accidentally. This article lists the 10 most common plants which produce dangerous toxins.
Published by DeviPriya Maharana 64 months ago in Food & Nutrition | +12 votes | 2 comments
Pseudo-science is a group of unproven practices guised as scientifically established and legitimate practices. They are often backed by theories and explanations which seem scientific outwardly but are in fact unscientific and unfounded beliefs. Many of the so-called scientific practices prevalent in mediaeval times were found to be pseudo-science after the development of modern science. Surprisingly, even in the era of modern scientific discoveries there is still widespread belief in pseudo-sci...
Published by DeviPriya Maharana 64 months ago in Popular Culture | +9 votes | 3 comments
Many people keep pets at home for entertainment, companionship and protection. However, despite all the advantages one may get from keeping pets, there are also reasons why one should not keep pets at home. Having pets can also be a stressful experience for some, in terms of physical, emotional and financial stress. The facts mentioned in this article may force you to think in the other direction before adopting a pet.
Published by DeviPriya Maharana 64 months ago in Pets | +6 votes | 4 comments is a UK-based online fashion retailer for young kids below the age of 14 years. The website features luxury apparels and accessories, from over 100 brands, for fashion conscious kids. Brands featured on the AlexandAlexa website include D&G Junior, DKNY, Crocodile Creek, Gallucci, Pepe Jeans, Ralph Lauren, Canterbury, Calvin Klein Jeans, Melissa & Doug, Grevi, Muchacha and many more.
Published by DeviPriya Maharana 64 months ago in Clothing & Apparel | +4 votes | 0 comments is a UK based mobile and tablet accessories online store. The store came into the mobile tablet accessories business in early 2011. website provides protective cases for products such as iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, Amazon Kindle, iPhone 4, Samsong Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, HTC Flyer, Dell Streak 7 and Blackberry Playbook.
Published by DeviPriya Maharana 64 months ago in Mobile Devices & Phones | +2 votes | 1 comments is a well-known German online retailer for branded luggage and leather accessories. More than 5000 products from 60 top brands are available on The products available on are bags, cases, trolleys, handbags, backpacks, sport bags, umbrellas and wallets. Read on for more information on the pricing, mode of delivery, etc offered by
Published by DeviPriya Maharana 64 months ago in Handbags & Accessories | +4 votes | 61 comments
Many studies indicate breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Regular and healthy breakfast can prevent the occurrence of many chronic diseases. However, our breakfast choices are often gravitated towards unhealthy foods, adding unnecessary calories to the body. Read on to find out the 'how healthy' are some of the common breakfast items.
Published by DeviPriya Maharana 65 months ago in Food & Nutrition | +10 votes | 9 comments
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